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Welcome to Kit Car Zone, here you'll find plenty of information on a whole host of Kit Cars, including Caterham, Westfield, MK, Great British Sportscars and Cobra Kit Cars. Including Kit Cars for sale. In fact, Kit Car Zone is all about creating a place for newcomers and enthusiasts alike find out more about, and chat about, the cars that we love.

Whether you're interested in finding out more about Kit Car makes and models, you have a complete or part built car to sell, or you just want to have a browse around (and see some pretty cool cars for sale) then welcome to Kit Car Zone - The online Kit Car Community.

Happy building!

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Info on all the top Kit Car marques and models. Find out everything you need to know about sevens ,cobras and other popular kit types.

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Looking for a Kit Car? Take a look at our Kit Car Classifieds section for Caterhams, Westfields, Tigers and more.

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