DAX Cars

DAX Kit Cars also go by the name of D J Sportscars.

Founded back in 1985, the marque is still family run and boasts over 25 years of design and manufacture experience. During this time they have produced a number of exciting models including the sevenesque Rush and Rush MC, and the gorgeous AC Cobra replica 427.

A history in components

Going back to the early 1980’s, Dax stared life as a glassfibre moulding company. When demand grew they expanded into reproduction bodyshells.

Eventually, DAX moved into the component car arena and their early Kit Car models were born. Over the years that follow DAX went on to produce a number of highly successful cars, many of which are still held in high regard.

The first manufacturer of AC Cobra replicas in Britain

Many claim that DAX was the first British manufacturer to develop an AC Cobra replica for the mass market. Since its introduction in the mid 80’s the DAX 427 AC Cobra replica has become a big hit with fans of the automotive classic.

As you’d imagine, the 427 will accept a wide variety of big block engines. In fact, over the years DAX have developed a number of engine and exhaust jigs which enable the 427 to accept virtually any V8 (American or English) or Jaguar-derived V12 or straight 6 units.

According to DAX, popular engine choices over recent years have included the American small-block Chevrolet V8 and all-aluminium Chevrolet LS ranges. Traditional Rover V8 & Jaguar units are also popular alternatives in the UK.

The sevenesque Rush and Rush MC

DAX are also known for their range of Rush Kit Cars. Based on the classic Lotus Seven, the Rush comes in three main forms:

The Rush - A car engined seven with an impressive spec including deDeon rear suspension

The Rush MC - A specialist version of the Rush designed specifically to accept a motorbike engine as power source

The Rush Quadra - For fans of the Porche way of doing things, the Quadra upgrades a standard Rush to 4 wheel drive, giving superior handling when in the wet and on certain tracks

DAX Rush
DAX Rush 2
DAX 427