MK Sportscars

MK Sportscars

MK Sportscars takes its name from founder Martin Keenan and is best known for the Indy Kit Car model.

The Indy originally took its name from having independent suspension and since its launch in 2000 has become a popular model with Kit Car builders. The range also includes an Indy R spec which has a revised rear end giving improved road holding and increased roll resistance.

Both MK Indys’ are based on a Ford Siera donor and offer high build quality and performance at an affordable price. As such the MK Indy range sits nicely as a major player at the affordable end of the UK seven roadster scene.

MK Austin Healy replica

MK Sportscars also offer a Healy Seven Replica which is based on the shape of a classic Austin Healey. To achieve this, MK have cleverly designed a bespoke body to fit onto an Indy build, allowing enthusiasts to couple the classic Healy shape with the high performance Indy chassis.

MK have also launched a ‘bike to trike’ service, whereby customer can have their motorbike converted into a trike.

MK Sportscars GT car

On the back of the Indy’s success, MK developed a ‘Radical’ inspired GT car. Powered by a rear mounted bike engine and encapsulated in a light weight 3 piece fibreglass body shell, the MK GT was also SVA’able and therefore road legal.


In the early days, engineer Martin Keenan started out by manufacturing chassis and suspension components for Locost Kit Cars. This was on the back of Martin having designed and built his first road going seven inspired car in 1996.

In the late 90’s Martin Keenan realised that the Ford Escort parts traditionally sourced for kit car builds were becoming scarce. With this knowledge he refined his designs to utilise components from a Ford Sierra donor car instead.

The MK Indy Kit Car launched in 2000 with chassis being sold from 2001 onwards. Utilising as many parts from the Sierra donor as possible; the kit proved popular and MK Sportscars was quickly commissioned to supply kits for race series in Norway, Spain and Holland.

In 2004 Martin Keenan sold MK Sportscars to his brother Phil and business partner Barry Lunn who still own the company today. They continued under the name MK Sportscars and the company has continued to go from strength to strength with the operation even moving factories to accommodate increasing demand for the Indy R Kit Car.

MK Indy
MK Indy R