Westfield Kit Cars

Westfield is a major brand in the Seven Kit Car market. Never content with resting on its laurels, Westfield is a true innovator within the kit manufacturing arena having been an early pioneer of bike powered Kit Cars and affordable road going racers.

With over 20 years experience to their name, Westfield have sold over 12,000 Kit Cars worldwide and currently produce over 400 cars a year. Always pushing the boundaries; 2010 saw the exciting announcement of Westfields venture into echo-friendly niche vehicles with its electric IRacer and hybrid Sports Turbo.

History – Racing pedigree

Dating back to 1982, Westfield’s first Kit Car was developed by historic grand prix competitor and engineer, Chris Smith. Fuelled by his passion for racecars, Chris designed and built a replica of the 1956 Lotus XI Le Mans car (the Westfield XI). Once completed, he was approached by a number of people who were also interested in owning a replica of the model, he went into production and a year later Westfield was born.

After moving to a new premises and taking on more staff, Westfield decided to fade out production of their XI kit and instead focus on the introduction of a new Kit Car, the Westfield 7SE. Alas the lightweight Westfield 7 roadster was born.

The 90s – Expansion and bike power

In the years that followed Westfield continued to expand, moving factories in 1991 to Kingswinford where they are still based today.

It was from this base that they continued to push their designs and concepts forwards; increasing power and safety while also reducing weight. To this end they were an early developer of bike powered cars and were one of the first manufacturers to get one to market.

In December 2006 the company changed hands with Potenza Sports Cars becoming the new owner of Westfield Kit Cars. Potenza, a family run investment company, had a vision of expanding the business and push it into new areas. To this end, Potenza purchased GTM cars and Roadster Bil AB (A Swedish car manufacturer) in 2007 to add to its Westfield marque.

The future's bright – The future's green

In the 00’s Westfield flourished with developments on and off the track. In 2009 Westfield became the first niche vehicle manufacturer to be awarded a European ‘Small Series Production Status’ with the launch of a new General Motors VRX powered Sport Turbo.

In 2010 Westfield expanded into the alternative power arena with the unveiling of two new concepts. The electric powered IRacer was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and the hybrid Sport Turbo demonstrated amid eager anticipation at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In September 2010 Westfield announced a joint venture with Malaysian auto manufacturer DRB-HICOM. This coupled with the recent release of alternatively powered vehicles suggests that for Westfield Kit Cars; the futures bright, the futures green.

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